Time to Fire Your Writer! 

Get an Endless Supply of PLR!

 PLR Content (3000+ words and 7 emails) You Can Use for Your Blogs, List Building, Social Page Posts, Autoresponder Emails, & More!

Content Is KING - Content Is How You Attract Targeted Visitors To Your Websites & Nurture Your Followers!

Over 240 PLR Kits & Counting! All The Newest Hot Niches, Fresh Unique Content, Mobile Responsive Opt-In Page Templates, Professional Graphics




Is there a refund period?

No. Due to the nature of downloadable products like this, I do not offer a refund, simply to deter serial refunders from buying, downloading and then asking for a refund 1 week later. If you're unsure whether this offer isn't packed with value, please don't buy.


Who is this offer for? 

You, if you're doing any type of niche marketing online. This is perfect for affiliate marketers, digital product creators, coaches, consultants. If you want traffic, building a list, doing mail marketing or want to start doing it, this is an ideal membership to have.


What are the PLR licence rights?

[YES] Can edit, change, chop the content, can add your name as the author, add your links, change the graphics, rename the lead magnet, etc. 

[YES] Can give away/sell the lead magnet report/ebooks with personal use rights

[YES] Can convert content into video or audio to give away/sell

[YES] Can translate into another language, and give away/sell 

[YES] Publish the content on the web for personal branding use

[No] Can sell/give away PLR to others

[No] Can sell/give away the opt-in page template or PSD images 

[No] Can add to PLR membership sites, except when giving Personal use to content only

If you have any questions about the PLR licence, please contact me here.




With Our Ready-To-Go PLR Content Kits, You Can

Use Your Time For More Important Things

The Two Newest PLR Kits Releases 

(August 2022)

All of these kits and more are accessible inside our private members only area right now.

We'd love to have you as out latest member and give you access to them all. 

It's easy to join.

Just click the order button below and pay our one-time membership fee. 

After your payment is successful, you will be redirected to your account creation page and receive instant access. 

With a Lifetime membership, you can log in at any time and access all of the content, and never worry about monthly payments!

Instant Access 24/7 - All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Contact My Support Desk Asap About Any Issues

What People Are Saying...

Enough PLR Content To Last You A Lifetime

Never Write An Ebook or Article Again! Discover How To Get Done-For-You Content & Build Your Online Income Faster!

Looking for a Faster, Easier Way To Get Traffic & Profits?

Dear Internet Marketer,

We marketers have a big problem, and that problem is the need for a LOT of content!

Every marketer, regardless of what niche you're in - needs content!

  • Lead magnets,
  • Articles, 
  • Marketing emails, 
  • Social media posts,
  • Info-products,
  • Webinar trainings,
  • Etc.

The bottom line is...

But... Creating Content Is Tedious, Hard Work, And Expensive To Outsource!

If you're anything like me, writing articles for my blog and emails for my autoresponder is one of the last things I want to be doing. 

Sure I could outsource it, and I do some of it, but writers' fees really dig into my profits.

A good writer will charge you around at least $10 per 500-word article. And you almost never order 1 single article - it's almost always in a bunch of 5 or 10 or 20. So, you know, those $10 articles quickly add up, costing you $100 ~ $200 at a time. 

Also finding a writer that is affordable and delivers quality work is a hard task in itself.

Luckily, I have a secret. 

Instead of slaving away at your keyboard for days on end writing away like a mad man, wouldn't you like to be doing other things like playing golf or going fishing? 

Or, you could be spending that extra time working on other more important parts of your business.

In this day and age, you need to work smarter and use your time wisely. Time is the most valuable asset that you have. 

You can save time and effort by using PLR. 

With our LIFETIME membership, you will get access to a huge resource of PLR content.

I like to call it the 'Vault' because we have over 240 PLR content kits in various niches inside!

Imagine how much time, effort and money you will save when you have this resource at your fingertips! 

You simply log in, download the PLR kits you want, take the content and do what you like with it!

You can....

  • Use the PLR reports as lead magnets to build a list
  • Publish the PLR content on your blog
  • Add the PLR emails to your autoresponder
  • Publish the content on other sites like Medium, Quora, etc.
  • Create an ebook to give away as a pre-selling report
  • Share the reports to PDF sharing sites (put your website link inside)
  • Post the contents on your FB page/group and LinkedIn page
  • Condense and post to Instagram and Twitter 
  • Create a full-blown course by compiling multiple kits together and sell it
  • And a heap more ways!

You're only limited by your imagination on how you can use these PLR content kits. 

This is a goldmine for any marketer wanting to get more traffic and make more sales in less time!

The current number of kits ready for you to download is over 240! Our member's only download area has been growing for more than 7 years.

There are 6 pages with a TON of great PLR content right there waiting for you! 

You'll never have to struggle with finding content for your blogs and feeder sites to get traffic, creating a free 'lead magnet' to give away to build a list, building an authority website, having enough email content for years, etc, etc!

Our vault of quality niche PLR has been growing for years - and in fact, it is still growing to this day, by adding two new PLR kits every month!

Save Time, Headaches & Money Using Our Done-For-You PLR Content!

PLR In A Variety of Niches.

One-Time Payment. Access For Life.

PLR is my secret weapon that I've been using for over a decade to not only get free traffic to my sites by posting it on my blogs and other feeder sites, but to create info-products and sell them.

It's no secret that PLR is the #1 short-cut marketers like to go to when they need to content fast and on the cheap. 

These days the PLR market is huge. A new PLR bundle gets released on a daily basis.

I'm guessing that you have some PLR on your hard-drive that you're saving for a rainy day.

You've probably used PLR at some point to post an article on your blog or in an email. 

A good source of PLR is what every marketer needs to have in their toolbox.

And this PLR source I'm about to share with you is one that you can't afford to do without. 

This will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on writers' fees and hundreds of hours of finger-breaking writing work. 

That means you can get more done in less time, and with fewer headaches!

Wait! How Many PLR Kits Did You Say?

Right now, there are over 240 PLR kits in the member's only vault that you can access immediately with this Lifetime membership offer. 

Niches vary, from 'make money online' to 'crypto currency' to 'gardening' and 'weight loss'. 

This makes it the perfect resource for you if you're in a popular niche like that, or planning to make your mark in one. 

I know you must be curious to see exactly what niche PLR kits are included in this vault as of right now, so here, take a look! 

Page 1

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Page 2

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Page 4

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Page 5

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Page 3

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Page 6

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Over 240 PLR Kits Ready To Download Instantly


Content is King! You Simply Can't Build a Profitable Business Online Without It!

I often hear about marketers saying how much they struggle with traffic. 

Traffic is not difficult if you have plenty of content to publish on your blogs and social pages! 

The same goes for getting people to join your list. With a lead magnet that contains useful content, your prospects will jump a the chance to subscribe. 

Then how about sending emails to your list?

Ever been stuck thinking of what to write in your content emails? 

Imagine though, if you had an endless supply of content all of these problems would be solved! 

That's right. When you join and get your lifetime membership today, you'll not only get the whole back-catalogue of 240+ kits, but you'll continue to receive two, fresh PLR content kits every month!

This truly is the membership that keeps on giving. You'll never run out of content.

Yep, for a one-time payment, you get the entire collection of kits and two brand new kits in the most trending niches every month. 

This is the ultimate solution for jumping into the hottest new niches or building up your current sites.

And, Two New PLR Kits Every Month

Each kit includes...

  • A 20-odd page (3000+ words), well-written report (word doc and PDF). Split them into articles for blogs, social media posts, or use as a lead magnet/PDF on file sharing sites
  • Links to recommended products inside the report (edit with your affiliate links)
  • A 7-part email follow-up sequence (edit as you see fit)
  • A professionally designed opt-in page (for list building)
  • High-quality ecover graphics with PSD file included

These kits have been professionally crafted. The content is well-written, and the niche topics are in demand!  

Inside Each Kit You Get...

3000+ word Source file (Word Doc) & PDF

20+ Pages of Quality, Non-Fluff Content

Opt-In Page HTML Template For List Building

Opt-In Page Template Files Including PSD for Images

Autoresponder Follow-Up Emails 

(Copy & Paste, add your affiliate links!)

PLR Kits Released Last Year

(Jan - Dec 2021)

Get Your Lifetime Membership Today

To your success!

Stuart Stirling

P.S. Having a PLR resource like this is a massive time-saver whether you're doing affiliate marketing or selling your own niche products online. For this price, you're getting these PLR kit for less than $1 each! That is an insane price, not to mention new kits are added each month. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

(sample design)


Is there a monthly subscription option?

Yes. You can check out our monthly subscription option here. The monthly deal will give you this month's two kits and two new kits each month that you stay on as a paying subscriber. Only the Lifetime option will give you access to the whole back-catalogue of 240+ content kits as well as the new kits every month.





240+ kits and 2 new kits every month

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